The Vine, The Branch & The Wheat Kernel

Many people ask me why I mill my own wheat. Is it just cheaper to do, is it healthier, does it taste better?  The answer to that question is always…all of the above. Even more exciting was the fact that it wasn’t as time-consuming as I had led myself to believe and the changes I noticed in the way I felt were astounding!!

So my question to you is….Are you ready to start living a life of wellness, or are you content just going on with the same daily conditions that you suffer from? Obesity, bowel problems, high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer and heart disease top the list of conditions that plague Americans daily. What we have found though is that  “the pleasures of the moment”  have now generated sickness in our land in giant proportions. Many of the foods we now eat for convenience are literally making us sick because they are devoid of the fiber and the nutrients that are essential to our health. Yet, life-giving  foods are available.

What we do know is that there is a health care crisis in this land, but who is to blame?  The fingers are always pointed straight at the doctors, lawyers, insurance companies, and the government, but the truth of the matter is—WE are to blame. We live in a land of sick and unhealthy people who quickly turn to doctors and medicine, weight loss clinics and diets and we are often left “bewildered and distressed, dejected and helpless–like sheep without a shepherd (Matthew 9:36 AMP). Our health does not depend however on doctors and medicine but on how we live our lives. We must get back to the ROOTS of wellness….which is nutrition! Our attitude must be one of knowing that good health begins at the FARM not at the PHARMacy.


Because of our passion and the interest in wellness cooking, starting in January, The Vine & The Branch will be holding “Milling Your Own Wheat” seminars and tasting parties with our fine CA grown Olive Oils, and Balsamic, Fruit and Wine Vinegars. We will continue to offer our full line of handmade soaps and skin care as well. Our hope and prayer is that you will begin to make wise choices for yourself and your family in the way you live and eat.

Keeping checking back to find out about our upcoming seminars.

Here’s to your “vine”tastic life!!


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